Casa El Buen Samaritano
Monday, December 11, 2017
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Our Mission

Casa El Buen Samaritano's mission is to share the love of Jesus Christ while providing whole-person—body, soul, spirit—healthcare to the low-income and uninsured population in our community. Thirty-three percent of Harris County residents have no health insurance. Fifteen percent live below the poverty line. Many of these people have no viable option for healthcare. What is more, many of them have never heard the message of the gospel. In the face of these profound challenges, Casa El Buen Samaritano seeks to minister to both the physical and spiritual needs of those who enter our doors.

Hundreds of individuals have found hope and healing through the ministry of Casa El Buen Samaritano, and each one of is precious to God and has a unique story of his grace. When Maria came to Casa El Buen Samaritano for the first time, she had uncontrolled diabetes, with a blood glucose level of over 300. Despite her medical problems, she had not been able to see a doctor in over a year! Our clinical volunteers examined her and started her on medications to control her blood sugar. After her medical visit, she met with a ministry volunteer from Iglesia Bautista Horeb, the Hispanic church next door to the clinic. As the volunteer began to learn more about her background, Maria started crying, confessing how isolated she felt from God and the church. Several years previously, she had gone through some traumatic family issues and had left the church in anger and bitterness. She was not sure how to reconnect with God or forgive her family. The ministry volunteer prayed with her and invited her to attend Iglesia Bautista Horeb.

The next Sunday, Maria came to Iglesia Bautista Horeb and has consistently attended since then, even bringing friends and family members. Maria was also able to enroll in Casa El Buen Samaritano’s nutrition education program, where she learned about diet, exercise, and other lifestyle habits for managing diabetes. Her diabetes is now under control, and she feels much better.
Our mission is to offer hope and healing to the many lost and hurting people like Maria in our community. When you give of your time and resources to support this ministry, you are having a lasting impact on those in need. Thank you for helping us share the love of Jesus Christ—body, soul, and spirit.